Our Play school was started on 27th August of 2008 with the grace of God Almighty & running successfully. We intake kids of age above 1 year, the first age group is between 1-2 years known as Sub Junior Group, the second Group of age above 2-2.5 years known as Junior Group, the third Group of age between 2.5-3 years known as Senior. Above 3 years of age group is known as Super Senior. We offer services like day care for our pre school kids and after school care between LKG to V std. to help the office going parents.
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P.Selva Jebasty (Principal)
Mobile: +91 94441 26664

Parent Of Thenmalar
One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade". We have planted our little saplings in "AMAZING KIDS" to crop their attitude, so as to grow the best qualities in them. We parents are very sure that our kids would raise as a shading tree for their budding generation.
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