About Us

About our School

Our Playschool, Nursery & Primary was started on 27th August of 2008 with the grace of God Almighty & running successfully. We intake kids of age above 1 year, the first age group is between 1-2 years known as Sub Junior Group, the second Group of age above 2-2.5 years known as Junior Group, the third Group of age between 2.5-3 years known as Senior. Above 3 years of age group is known as Super Senior, Day care for our preschoolkids & After school care between LKG to Vth Std are also available. We offer services like Day care and After School Care to help the office going parents.

To sharpen the talents and mould our children we have karate class functioning

A Children are treated in a soft manner & they are very discipline in their activities once they join here.

Classrooms are spacious, well maintained, neat & clean. A well-equipped playground environment helps the children here to learn through play.


The vision is for the preschool to be a happy, safe, and loving environment providing the highest quality care possible to preschool-aged children. Rather than simply operating a day care, we envision a facikity where education, including fun and play, is an essential component of The Preschool where the children we teach will reach their ful potential in readiness for school.


The goals of "Amazing kids" Preschool find expression through a playful approach to learning. Thse goals are:
  • To help deepen each child’s sense of solfworth and potential in a positive and developmentally appropriate learning environment;

  • To reinforce the concept of a personal and loving God in reflection and prayer, storytelling, music and song, drama and creative movement;

  • To encourage each child’s creativity and intellectual giftedness through exposure to stimulating and enriching materials;

  • To foster positive relationships with other children, family, teachers, and the rest of the community.


  • Motherly Care

  • Trained Staffs

  • Kids Library

  • Field Trips

  • Celebrations

  • Kids Laptop

  • Kids Swimming Pool

  • Activity Based learning

  • Learn through Play

  • Colorful Classroom

  • Safe, Luxury & Hygenic Environment

  • Montessori Designed Syllabus

  • Specially Designed Syllabus

  • Spacious Out door Play Area

  • Colorful Toys

  • Puppet Theatre

  • Audio Visual Room For Kids

  • Indoor & Outdoor Games ... And Many More.


The preschool uses the Links to Literacy curriculum as it provides the tools our teachers need to assist us in helping your child reach their full potential. Links to literacy addresses all areas of development, or domains, for preschool children:

  • Language development

  • Literacy

  • Cognitive development

  • Social and emotional development

  • Approaches to learning

  • Physical and health development

Links to Literacy incorporates building blocks of early literacy :

  • Language development

  • Book knowledge and appreciation

  • Phonological awareness

  • Alphabet recognition

  • Early writing

As well as numeracy

  • Sorting and classifying

  • Ordering and sorting

  • Measuring

  • Identifying and using shapes plus health, safety, nutrition and character development, sensory development, grossmotor development, thinking skills etc..

  • Amazing kids preschool uses the Links to Literacy curriculam to nurture the essential elements of lifelong learning.


Programme AgeTiming
Sub Junior 1-28.30 AM – 6.30 PM
Junior2-2.59 AM – 11.30 AM
Senior2.5-39 AM – 12 Noon
Super SeniorAbove 3 years9 AM – 12 Noon
Day CareOur Preschoolkids 8 AM – 6.30 PM
After School CareL.K.G – Vth Std12 Noon – 6.30 PM