THe History

This Playschool, Nursery & Primary As you know was our residence, My Father in Law and Mother in Law Mr.& Mrs.Anthony Rathina Pushpam were living in the School campus with joy and happiness it was where our correspondent ie, my Husband was brought up. To say a few words about them is that they started their life as an ordinary carpenter without any family background or any one to support their livelihood , My father in law came to Chennai at his 15th age, their after started his life as a carpenter slow and steady but in the right way he went and earned little by little and saved for their mere future, with the GODís Grace and Blessings And of his Hard Work . He soon raised to the level of a contractor and later as a Flat Promoter . He was the Proprietor of R.A.Builders and Managing Director of R.A.Foundations Pvt.Ltd. presently the company is being managed by our Correspondent , My Husband Mr.A.Arputharaj. My Mother in law is a gem of a women it is because of her saving habit that my father in law could raise to such a level that made others envy over his Success ,Behind every success full man there is a women yes my mother in law was in deed behind my Father in Laws success .

After the demise of My Mother in law and my Father in Law , out of our love and affection and gratitude we had towards them we decided to do something in memory of them, keeping in mind of the love and affection they had for Children .we thought it would be more apt for us to start a play school and let the little children play and enjoy in the place where they lived . we dedicate the play school and the education works carried there upon to them .Let their soul rest in peace in the folds of the lord.